Children are injured when school staff hides secrets from parents.

When it comes to the mental health needs of CT children, parents and schools need a 2024 bill to . . .

Let Kids Be Kids.

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Please contact your legislators and ask them to support a 2024 Let Kids Be Kids Bill, in person with our flyer, via phone, by letter or e-mail here.

BREAKING: We need everyone to contact the Co-Chairs and Ranking Members of the Education and Children’s Committees and ask them to support a “Let Kids Be Kids” and “Save Women’s Sports” Bill. Send an e-mail or call. Time is of the essence! Thank you!

Has your child been socially transitioned against your will? Has your child used DCF’s hotline for “not affirming” their gender? Complete our survey/interest form to share your story and to stay up to date.

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The bill would require schools to notify parents within 24 hours of “behavior intervention”.

Parents should be notified by a school of incidents requiring a “behavior intervention”.

The bill would require schools to provide a written report detailing the intervention meeting.

Parents need a written report from the school so they can better recall details of the intervention.

Students Hanging Out in College Campus
Students Hanging Out in College Campus

Children do better when parents are informed and involved.

Schools would be required to notify parents of continued disruptions, injuries, mental health distress, gender identity change, bullying or pattern of poor academic performance.

Details For Legislators

**NEW** Legislative Brief

What is the proposed bill?

A Let Parents Parent bill would require guardians to be notified by a school if several events happen to their minor child . . injury, suicide ideation, behavior intervention meeting, social gender transition including change of pronoun and use of opposite sex bathrooms/lockers, bullying, pattern of poor academics and more.

Why is this bill needed?

CT State Department of Education issued a Transgender Policy and Q&A for schools that discourages parental notification or consent.

In their guidance, if a parent “disgrees” with a social gender transition in school, then that parent should be referred to counseling and the transition continue in school at the child’s discretion. The Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) guidance states that parents should not even be informed. CT schools are encouraged to facilitate and hide a child’s gender social transition.

What is the big deal?

There is robust evidence that children who do not start a gender social transition (adoption of characteristics and traits of opposite sex), but instead receive counseling for their underlying mental health conditions, resolve their gender dysphoria once puberty is completed at a rate of 80 to 90% see also section “Prevalence of Desistance, Regret, and Detransition” of Transition Regret and Detransition: Meanings and Uncertainties, June 2023. On the other hand, children who begin a gender social transition persist 5 years later at a rate of 94%. Children who persist traditionally start puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery with all the long term affects, including fertility loss, increased risk of suicide and more. The stakes are very high and at the very least, CT parents deserve to be informed.

The Department of Education bureaucrats are not the doctors or the guardians and run afoul of Connecticut law and standards of medical care in this matter.

The Department of Education’s policies are contrary to section 45a-604(5)(B) of the Connecticut General Statutes reserving to guardians “the authority to make major decisions affecting the minor’s education and welfare, including, but not limited to, consent determinations regarding . . . major medical, psychiatric or surgical treatment”. They also contradict treatment protocols for gender dysphoria and incongruence developed by the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (“WPATH 8”) which emphasize “parental collaboration” at every stage. (see page S52 of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s (WPATH) Standards of Care—Eighth Edition (SOC-8) and throughout).

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¡La participación de los padres es el indicador número uno del éxito estudiantil!

Cuando se trata de las necesidades de salud mental de los niños, los padres y las escuelas necesitan un proyecto de ley para

¡Trabajemos juntos!

Notificar a los padres dentro de las 24 horas posteriores a la “intervención conductual”.

PSe debe notificar a los padres sobre incidentes que requieran una “intervención conductual”.

Proporcionar un informe escrito que detalle la reunión de intervención.

Los padres necesitan un informe escrito para poder recordar mejor los detalles de la intervención.

Students Hanging Out in College Campus
Students Hanging Out in College Campus

Notificar a los padres sobre interrupciones, lesiones, problemas de salud mental, cambio de identidad de género, acoso o patrón de bajo rendimiento académico.